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Why Africa Awakes?

Because you can make a difference. We need your help in changing the face of poverty and ending suffering.
How to get involved?

What comes to mind when you think of Africa?
poverty, starvation, disease, AIDS, corruption, dictatorship, civil wars….such are the images that have defined our perception of one of the greatest continents on Earth. In the developed world, we are tired of hearing about such a self destructive part of the world. All too often, if we are not overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness, our thoughts turn to the nature reserves and game parks, possibly the continent’s rich reserves in natural resources. Neither of these images is worthy of Africa.

AFRICA AWAKES is a series of exhibitions started in August 2008 by Manuel Scrima, an Italian photographer and today newly appointed manager of Create Africa, to support the work of two African non-governmental organisations (NGOs): ICROSS (International Community for the Relief of Starvation and Suffering) and NWI (New World International).

Go to NWI website.

Go to ICROSS website.

Africa Awakes brings together the power and sheer scale of Africa as well as the energy and fire of the ancient and the new. Africa is 53 countries, 20% of the World's land, 800 million people, the oldest continent on Earth, the cradle of mankind where we took our first steps. This exhibition portrays the profound distortions that exist today in Africa and brings to the forefront the reality of life in Africa through the eyes of the people, through their customs. It is raw and compelling, highlighting the challenges and contradictions facing Africa today as well as the confrontation between tradition and contemporary.

AFRICA AWAKES is now closed

(31st December 2010)

Africa awakes project started in 2008 with a preview exhibition in Nairobi. After travelling across Europe in 2009 it came back to Nairobi with a big last exhibition in Ramoma, Museum of Modern Art.

That one was ment to be the last Africa Awakes show, with Africa Awakes ending his activities in December 2009.

Due to reqests, in 2010 two special events still took places, one in UK in Poole's Lighthouse and another at UNESCO palace in Paris.

No more Africa Awakes exhibitions are planned for the future.

Thanks to all the supporters.

You can still help connecting to NWI and ICROSS.

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