Africa Awakes series of exhibition is now eneded, but you can still help...

How to help?

- Donate Online to ICROSS and NWI.

- Donate through Bank Transfer

- Support a child

- Support a clinic

- Support a school

For more information on how to donate write to:

We need your help to support a wide range of project needs Here are some of the things you can help with. By donating on line or emailing us what you want to support we will make sure your donation goes where it counts and is spent where you donated it. Each gift includes 10% which meets the cost or training , followup, transport and team help in the local area to make sure every penny counts.

- Terminal AIDS support for a trained caregiver for HIV AIDS patient for one month 7

- Bicycle for a health worker in remote area visiting patients 38

- You can buy an animal that will make a real difference to peoples Chicken 4
Goat 22
Donkey 25
Camel 120
Milking cow 35
Name a pig after an ex 50

- Plant ten trees 4

- Provide school books for ten school children for a year 35

Rural development
- Workshop in legal and womens rights for 100 village women 60

- Help provide Solar disinfected water to 20 people 25
- Protect a community water source 280
- Providing a community with a water filter 50

Helping womens groups
Sewing machine for a womens group 70

Malaria Prevention
- Mosquito net for mother and children 5

- Nutritional supplements for malnourished child for a month 12

- Send a child to school for a year 10 a month
- School desk for remote rural school 9

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