Happy and very blessed Christmas
(23rd December 2010)

On behalf of Africa Awakes , a happy and very blessed Christmas. We wish you the most amazing New Year and hope that all your dreams come true. Thanks to friends across the World Africa awakes has reached audiences around the World and been an overwhelming success. Manuel Scrima first created Africa awakes five years ago and the essential message we have shared has been at the centre of exhibitions throughout Europe and Africa. Because of overwhelming support the Africa Awakes vision continued to touch hearts long after we intended the programme to end. Manuel Scrimas work continues to challenge the stereotypes of poverty and Africa. In the latest exhibition part of the Amazing collection was exhibited recently showing the amazing beauty and diversity of culture and people. As part of the awareness initiatives of ICROSS and New World International www.icrossinternational.org www.newworldinternational.org Manuel has redefined the imagery of NGOs and charities . In this series of works Manuel Scrima has contributed an exciting light to how people look at Africa. It raises in our hearts a doubt about the stereotypes we hold. Our Christmas gift to you is that doubt, that fresh perspective. Due to the many demands and calls for exhibitions we are working on a book drawing together some of the hundreds of stunning images created by Manuel. In 2011 we will launch AFRICA AWAKES , a collection of some of Manuels most powerful images drawn from the many exhibitions. It will contain text and commentary as well as reflections by Michael Meegan. Our next joint venture after this will be another partnership led by Manuel which will take his creative vision even further, we will announce this early in 2011, On behalf of all at Africa Awakes and our team, a very happy Christmas and an Amazing new year .
To find out more about the projects supported by Africa Awakes please visit the web sites www.icrossinternational.org

Africa Awakes at UNESCO, Paris
(10th October 2010)

Africa Awakes, the awareness exhibition created by Manuel Scrima, is now open in the UNESCO Palace, Paris.
It is now part of the Kenya Week at UNESCO, celebrating the beauty of Kenya.

The Kenya Week at UNESCO (From 11th to 15th October, Salle des Pas Perdus) is marked by several events: this photographic exhibition displaying the primitives tribes of Kenya, an exhibition of kenyan objects from the National Museum of Kenya, live preformances from the company Bomas of Kenya and a big show on the occasion of the closing ceremony, including a concert and a fashion show.

Watch the picture gallery of the event here

More info at www.unesco.org

Africa Awakes in Lighthouse
(29th January 2010)

Africa Awakes, the awareness exhibition for www.newworldinternational.org, is now open in the UK . We are sharing the Event at the Lighthouse, Poole's Centre For The Arts, Dorset, UK.

After travelling across Europe the pictures are now in England, where they were originally printed thanks to the support of our sponsor , Silversands.

At the same time part of the exhibition is also showing in East Africa . From 3rd-16th February the campaign focusing on women and children is being shown at the famous Talisman, in Karen at the foot of the Ngong Hills. The events are helping to raise money for the drought in Kenya which has threatened millions of nomads across East Africa.

After visiting the exhibition in UK, Chrissie Harvey said: " it is a real eye opener visually about how we take our lives for granted, the most important thing, I returned home with, was the dignity of the people."

Picture displayed in UK

Picture of the exhibition in UK


Africa Awakes in RaMoMa - Nairobi's Museum of Modern Art
(30th July 2009)

The very successful awareness and advocacy exhibition Africa awakes has ended after 6 weeks in Nairobi, Kenya. It was hosted in RaMoMa, the Museum of Modern Art in Parklands.

In our largest Kenyan exhibition so far, we generated widespread reaction to the events and activities. The exhibition was widely coverered in the National press and Television.

Also this week plans were unveiled of the next exhibition being planned called AWAKENING.

A different collection of images and works will be unveiled in a three part presentation. AWAKENING will display a collection of imaginative new works by Manuel Scrima representing the passion and beauty of creation. The second part of the collection will be a fresh set of stunning portraits and tribal images from Africa and the third section of the AWAKENING series will be images showing the projects and people that are helped through our exhibitions.

Picture displayed in Nairobi

Picture gallery opening - 24th June

Manuel Scrima is in the drought stricken areas this month
(11th June 2009)

Manuel Scrima is in the drought stricken areas this month with the New World International and ICROSS projects. He is with the mothers and children you are supporting.

For over three years Manuel Scrima has spearheaded the awareness programmes of ICROSS and more recently New World International. Bringing the major issues of poverty and suffering to cities across Europe has been no easy task and Manuel, often singlehanded, has mounted a dozen major exhibitions and events. 

"The only thing that keeps me going is the children" says Manuel. "These children are suffering so much, when I saw how much poverty can destroy people I had to do something". 

Manuel left his IT consultancy and  began working with Michael Meegan on a huge ambitious  programme to change the way people look at  the poor. After he spent his savings he dedicated himself to creating AFRICA AWAKES. He has spent a lot of this year creating exhibitions and with over 100,000 visitors so far, he is only just beginning.  "We want to get more people involved in fighting poverty, all of us can be doing something, every day I wake up with new ideas of what we can do."
Manuel has been in Kenya visiting the AIDS projects and the drought stricken areas. "I am with ICROSS and New World International visiting the projects helped by Africa Awakes. I am personally bringing the funds we raise to the projects and talking to the women and the children. The wonderful thing about being personal and small is we can all get our hands dirty and be in the villages and homes.” 
"It makes me very sad to see so much suffering but it’s really inspiring to see how much can be done with so little money, it makes you want to do more" says Manuel who is organising more exhibitions in the UK and Europe.

Manuel is in Africa all this month helping with the projects and working with children. Your help is also needed! Please do look at the work we are doing and join us. Every idea is welcome, no contribution is too small, everyone has some skill, contact or way they can help us".

AFRICA AWAKES hits 100,000 visitiors
(3rd May 2009)

Africa awakes hit the 100,000th visitor last night as it opened in Ireland. As the collaborations and partnerships grow, we are seeing a new momentum being built up. The latest 16 day exhibition is the first to incorporate new ways for people to get involved and a new range of products and books.
The opening of the ICROSS NEW WORLD INTERNATIONAL fundraiser, Africa Awakes marks the first awareness / advocacy event for New World International in Ireland. In partnership with ICROSS NWI has launched a drought appeal to highlight the suffering of malnourished children in Kenya. This event is to share the plight of thousands of Kenyans caught in the grips of starvation as the drought worsens in Africa.
The event was opened by the World renownded Jerry Kennelly, one of Irelands most successful photographers. Jerry recently donated the company CREATE AFRICA to ICROSS. Together with AFRICA AWAKES, Manuel Scrima is the artistic Director of Create Africa. Dr Davida de La Harpe spoke at the opening of the poverty and suffering she encountered while touring the drought areas last week. Speaking from Kenya Dante Montagnani said " Africa AWakes is an important International partnership its a fresh young dynamic idea to share an old reality with a new generation" " We need yound blood, hot new ideas, a fresh response and a real investment from each one of us. As a father and grandfather I am torn to bits seeing this suffering, so tragic, we can, we must all do something right now, please help ! " Dante is a trustee of New World International touring the programmes at his own expense making sure the money gets to where its needed.
International Director of ICROSS Michael Meegan spoke today of the importance of AFRICA AWAKES . This is a long term committment by us all to share in alternative ways different insights about Africa and the poverty here. We hope it will involve new friends and partners in the fight against extreme poverty. Sarune OleLengeny who has worked with Manuel for many years is head of the drought operation. " This is a way of giving a new voice to the poor, not making money for charities but making sure it reaches us here , it really does count".
Africa awakes continues until 16th May 09.
Picture displayed in Dingle
Picture gallery opening - 1st May

Africa Awakes is moving to Ireland
(27th April 2009)

A different way to look at Africa,Manuel Scrima's Photographic exhibition,
in support of ICROSS and NWI in partnership with New World International
1st – 16th May 2009 - Greenlane Gallery, Holy Ground, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland

The Opening will be on the 1st May from 7pm. Jerry Kenelly will open the event. He needs no introduction in Ireland. He has not only been an inspiration to many in Africa, he is one of the most successful photographers and business men in Ireland . He developed Create Africa www.createafrica.com and he donated it to ICROSS. With his guidance we are exploring new innovations and ideas to bring a new Vision of Africa into peoples lives. Jerry continues to play a major role in helping to build Create Africa and his continued expertise and common sense remain an inspiration.

Why is this exhibition so important?

Many of the children seen in these photographs are now in the grips of a terrible drought. Thousands of the children in the Maasai and Samburu communities are going to bed hungry tonight. The rains have failed and the children living in extreme poverty are suffering the most.

How can we help?
Help ICROSS and New World International projects in Africa. These two small charities have been fighting poverty on the front line. ICROSS has over 25 years experience in long term health programmes in Africa and works closely with Global Fund, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the Ministry of Health. Please look at our projects on line at www.icross.ie and www.nwikenya.com where you can donate on line directly through a secure donation engine. You can help by donating to long term drought relief, HIV prevention or AIDS orphans projects.

Manuel Scrima – manuelscrima@gmail.com – +39 329 2919809
Greenlane Gallery – info@greenlanegallery.com – +353 669152018 – www.greenlanegallery.com
Open: Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm - Sunday 12am - 4pm
Appointments available outside of these hours by calling Susan at 086 8211225 or Debbie at 086 3843071

Africa shines in Scrima’s pictures
by Sami Koivisto | YLE, Finland (12th February 2009)

Sensitive, fragile, colourful and mysterious Africa shines through the photographs of Italian born Manuel Scrima exhibited at the International Cultural Centre.

The exhibition is open weekdays from 10-18 at the International Cultural Centre Caisa, Mikonkatu 17 C, Helsinki, until February 26.

Manuel Scrima is one of the emerging talents in Italian photography. Scrima lives in Rome, Milan and Nairobi, and takes month long trips to Africa to shoot photos. Story behind the photo matters the most Manuel Scrima’s pictures, filled with colour and expression that is both delicate and simple, portray African life, both everyday and festivities. To Scrima, the stories behind the pictures matter the most. - In this picture, children of the Turkana tribe in Kenya were running to a dried-out riverbed. When they reached a place where water used to be, they started to swim in the air, Scrima describes. In another picture of children running into a sandstorm, Scrima, says he had to risk damaging his photo equipment.

Scrima’s personal favourite “One of my personal favourites in this exhibition is right here,” Manuel says as he stops in front of a picture of a father sitting at a table with his daughter standing next to him, looking straight into camera. The father’s Western clothes and the brightly coloured wall-cloths behind him contrast with the daughter, and wind blows in a cloud of sand. The daughter was infected with HIV by her husband, and was kicked out of her family. The virus did not destroy her father’s love towards her – he took her to live with him, Manuel tells. Scrima devotes his work for Africa Manuel Scrima devotes his work almost entirely for photographing Africa for charity exhibitions. “Europe does not interest me in the photographic sense. I got the sparkle for taking photos in Africa and there I will continue, although I have done some projects also in Europe recently,” Scrima tells. Photo and multimedia exhibitions that portray Africa take Scrima around the world. “Africa Awakes” has been exhibited in Paris, Nairobi, Salerno (of Italy) and Tampere. From Helsinki the exhibition is planned to continue towards London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Dublin, Budapest, New York and Johannesburg.

Proceeds of the pictures go to charity Manuel Scrima’s pictures are for sale. The proceeds of the pictures are directed via non-governmental charity organisations ICROSS and NWI to Africa’s starved and suffering people depicted in Scrima’s pictures. Scrima’s pictures have sold well in Paris and Tampere, among others. One of the most famous pictures is “The Black Madonna,” scintillating the power of motherhood.

This article was published in Finnish in YLE Teletext, February 12, 2009, and will be found in Finnish Teletext channels 1, 2 and Teema on page 809 and in this link, for approximately 2 weeks: http://www.yle.fi/tekstitv/html/P809_01.html

Picture displayed in Caisa
Picture gallery opening - 6th February

The Opening was on the 6th Fabruary 2009. Pekka Haavisto, Member of Parliament, together with Johanna Maula, director of Caisa International Cultural Centre, opened the event.

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